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Great C-Section Tips And Recommendations – Part One

Note – Remember that healing from any kind of trauma takes time and do not hesitate to ask for help. These are things we wished knew before unplanned and emergency c-section.

Like most parents, we all assume or expect natural childbirth. Although this would be preferred and ideal, however, 21% of childbirths globally are through c-section. The truth is, we didn’t know about c-section statistics before the birth of our children.

As expecting parents, we had no idea about and even prepared for post-delivery.

Soon to be parents in theatre having a -csection
Dad comforting Mum during c-section operation
  • what we didn’t know, was what it was like to actually have a c-section.
  • We didn’t know what to expect afterwards.
  • No one had ever told me what it was really like to have one, and what to expect afterwards.
  • I wasn’t prepared for the recovery process.

1.  C-Section is major surgery.

While caesarean sections are relatively commonplace nowadays, they’re still a major surgery.

Countries with high c-section childbirth rates include Dominican Republic is at almost 60%, Brazil at 55%. and in Australia its at 32% .

2. Walking post operation is tough and rough

To this day, I still clearly recall the doctors recommending that we just go home, take care of our baby and advising my wife to try not to bend or risk stitches re-opening. It’s going to hurt your operation when you get out of bed and walk for the first time.

InsightsFollowing a c-section, your ability to bend to put down or pick your baby in your cot is almost impossible and incredibly painful.

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3. One day at a time – it gets better

Although circumstances may seem bleak, they will improve as each day passes.

4. Traditional Baby Cot are useless

Following the birth of our children via c-section, my wife was unable to care of baby and the baby cot we purchased was completely useless. It was simply too low even at bassinet level. The High Rize baby cot is exactly what we need during following our operation. Don’t make the same mistake we made.

Upzeez High Rize ergonomic and safe baby cot is designed allowing you to put in and take out your baby without the need to bend.

Medicine tablet in hand ready to be consumped
medicine tablets on display

5. Take pain medication

Hopefully, you have family or friends support network or maybe a doula to assist you once home. The good news, you’ll be offered medication before you leave the hospital. If you can endure the pain, you will be able to move better and care for yourself and your baby.

6. Everything hurts – coughing, laughing and sneezing

Using and holding a pillow or cushion against your incision, or pressing on it with your hands might help.  It will hurt a lot especially initially post-childbirth period. My wife tried her hardest not to cough, laugh or sneeze at first. This is simply a hard ask for any normal human being.

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7. Water retention in your body – it will get worse before it gets better.

While in the hospital, you’ll receive a lot of Intravenous fluids (IV). It will make your already swollen face, legs and feet even bigger before my body started to get rid of the excess fluid. It will go away over the next week or two hopefully.

Mum relaxing and reading booking bath
Mum relaxing in bath reading

8. Family and friends – support network

Best you co-ordinate this before your operation (if it is a planned c-section) with family and friends or maybe even consider a doula if possible especially if you don’t have family and friends locally. We were lucky as parents and family were available to help whenever needed.

Any help or assistance with cooking, cleaning, childcare etc will go a long way and will aid your recovery. Accept all the help because you will need it. Remember, you just had a major surgery.

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9. Self Love and Care

In the early days after the birth of your baby, make a priority to take care of yourself. You will focus on feeding, and hopefully your partner can handle the rest. It’s not easy as baby will naturally always want Mum instead of Dad. Once my wife started to feel and move better, she took on more of the responsibilities.

10. Watch how you move

Don’t do anything that strains your abdominal muscles. Don’t try to use your abs to sit up from lying flat on your back. It’s best to roll onto your side and use your arms to push yourself up. If laying flat hurts too much, sleep in a recliner or adjustable bed.

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