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UPZEEZ HIGH RIZE – Baby Furniture of the Future

Upzeez High Rize is a revolutionary baby cot to take the industry by storm. Its innovative, ergonomic and universal design, caters for all caregivers, regardless of their physical abilities.

Chris founded his company after the traumatic experience of witnessing his wife suffer in pain following two unplanned caesarean births. His company’s product is a solution to the pain and discomfort associated with traditional baby cots.

In accordance to The University of Warwick, 570 million people worldwide have a disability due to back pain. Of those, 81% will experience chronic pain. Lifting a baby in and out of its crib can worsen back issues. Full-time caregivers of an infant may lift up to one ton (2000 pounds) every day.

21% of babies are born via c-section globally each year, for many first time mothers, this will be unplanned. A traditional cot requires bending and risks discomfort and tearing of stitches, leaving most cots unfit for use.

So, what’s different about Upzeez High Rize? This modern baby cot enables caregivers to safely place their baby in, and lift their baby out, without the need to bend over the cot. With the press of a button, the base of the cot seamlessly moves up and down to the required height.

The cot has been designed with the aim of making baby cots accessible to all caregivers, including those living with disabilities. Upzeez High Rize allows users to place and remove their baby through the side of the cot, at a height that best suits their individual needs. 

“The Upzeez High Rize is the modern baby cot that my wife and I needed when our two children were born. As parents ourselves, our focus is on safety, accessibility and sustainability. We believe, parents should have the tools that they need to give their children the very best of themselves, allowing them to focus on the joys of parenthood. The next generation of baby cot furniture and accessories is coming.” explains Chris, Founder of Upzeez 

Many baby accidents are linked to cots or mattresses due to limbs caught in between the slats. We have removed traditional slats and replaced them with soft mesh fabric for improved safety. The mesh fabric in our cot is removable and washable for hygiene purposes. 

Safety is our top priority. Our safe cot design will comply with mandatory product safety standards.

Many modern families lack the space and finances to purchase multiple items for their growing family. As consumers become increasingly aware and concerned for the environment, it’s vital that we as a company design and manufacture their products with sustainability and a circular economy in mind.

The Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot has been specially designed to grow with your baby from birth up to 5-6 years of age. This ensures that you only need to purchase the one cot saving worry about potentially having to purchase a new one in a few years time.

Upzeez High Rize baby cot will be launching in 2021.

Sign up to the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist. Our cot is designed with back pain and traumatic childbirth in mind because we care.


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