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Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot Wins Product Innovation Award

Baby nursery furniture of the future startup Upzeez wins Product Innovation Award.

Melbourne, AUS – 19th December 2021 – The Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot has won the Product Innovation Award at the Inno8 Awards. This is a huge win and victory for the baby nursery furniture startup.

“Being acknowledged and recognised for what we do is great and we are truly grateful. This gives more drive and also reinforces our mission and vision. We are all about uplifting the parental living experience and changing lives not only in Australia but around the world,” said Upzeez founder, Chris. “These awards show the value of our mission – to create cots for caregivers regardless of their physical abilities.”

The Bold Awards submission closes end of Dec 2021 with winners to be announced in March 2022 at a ceremony in Venice, Italy. Bold Awards public voting commences from 11th January to 25th January 2022.

The High Rize Baby Cot moves up and down at the push of a button, allowing parents and caregivers to safely place their baby in, and lift their baby out, without the need to bend. The cot is ergonomically designed to preserve the caregiver’s back and aid in recovery from traumatic childbirth like cesarean birth or induction. Caregivers can sign up for the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist and find out more via the Upzeez website.

Upzeez has spent most of last year (2020) and most of 2021 in lockdown which has impacted their official product launch. Since coming out of lockdown in early November 2021 they have now completed product build and now finalising 3rd party contractual agreements.

“The global pandemic has been massively disruptive but we are extremely fortunate and grateful it did not send us into administration. We have seen many businesses disappear overnight. The whole situation makes me recall a great book I read during lockdown “The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday”. It totally shaped my thinking through the period” said Upzeez founder, Chris.

2022 is looking and going to be a big year for the rising star startup.

Upzeez success/achievements to date:


Innovation Product Award (Winner)

Innovation Juvenile Product Award (Finalist & Runner up)

Business Start-up 0-2 Years Awards (Finalist & Runner up)

Pause Awards

Inception Award – For the Visionary Thinkers (Finalist)

I Wish I’d Done That Award – For Sheer Brilliance (Finalist)

Bold Awards – voting begins 11th Jan 2022

Boldest Open Innovation

Boldest Design

Boldest Internet of Things (IoT)


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