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New height-adjustable baby cot eliminates the need to bend, ideal for childbirth recovery or back pain.

Melbourne, AUS – 22 September 2021 – Startup family business, Upzeez, has announced its High Rize Baby Cot that allows caregivers to put in or take out their baby without needing to bend. The cot, available later this year, is ergonomically designed to reduce back pain and aid recovery from traumatic childbirth.

“As parents ourselves, we’ve ensured Upzeez High Rize is inclusive of people with disabilities and doesn’t just meet with safety standards, but exceed them,” said Upzeez founder, Chris. “It’s the modern baby cot my wife and I needed when our two children were born.”

Chris created the High Rize Baby Cot after his wife, Grace, gave birth via c-section. Grace struggled with the physical demands of parenting while in recovery, a common problem following a cesarean birth.

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In Australia cesarean births are on the rise, accounting for more than one in three births in 2019. Bending to lift the baby after a c-section can cause injury, but is nearly impossible to avoid with a traditional cot. The Upzeez High Rize Cot is fully height adjustable (moves up and down at the push of a button) and will be a game-changer for many parents.

The cot is designed to grow with each child, from bassinet and cot to toddler’s bed. Chris believes it’s the baby nursery furniture of the future.

Caregivers can sign up for the Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot waitlist and find out more at upzeez.com.


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