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Chris started Upzeez after his wife Grace suffered a traumatic unplanned caesarean section, restricting her mobility and her ability to care for their daughter. The birth of their first child was supposed to be a joyous experience, but instead turned into a harrowing experience for them both.

With a natural birth planned for their daughter, Chris and Grace purchased a traditional baby cot. The traditional cot was the perfect addition to their daughter’s nursery.

However, after having a c-section, the standard low laying cot, was an impossible challenge for Grace, even when adjusted to its maximum height. The doctors and midwives had warned that she should neither bend over nor lift their daughter to avoid the risk of tearing her stitches, making her dependent on others to help care for her baby. Chris’ elderly mother moved in with the couple to help, but her own back pain worsened, as she continuously bent down low to lift her granddaughter from the cot.

Chris tried to help as much as possible, but their daughter at this point wanted Grace. He felt helpless as he saw his wife and mother struggle to care for their daughter. He frantically searched the internet for a suitable cot that would help his wife, to no avail, leaving him feeling hopeless. He knew the exact type of cot they needed, but what they needed wasn’t available to purchase.

After a second pregnancy, another caesarean section and the same agonising pain suffered by Grace after the birth of their second child, Chris was determined to create the cot that his family had needed, leading to the invention of the High Rize baby cot. The ability to raise the base of the cot to a height where there is no need to bend, allows parents to focus on their newborn, without any added discomfort brought on by traditional cots.

Following Chris’ comprehensive research, he discovered that there was a significant number of parents who had gone through the same experience as his family. Chris realised that there was a high percentage of traumatic births experienced throughout the world and for the vast majority of these families, they would be unprepared, with a cot that wasn’t suitable for their needs. After learning this, Chris endeavoured to resolve an everyday problem, by reducing the pain that can come from caring for a baby and allowing parents to consume themselves with the joy of their new addition.

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Upzeez High Rize in Nursery