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Million people have a disability due to back pain


% of babies are born by cesarean section each year


% of baby accidents are linked to cots or mattresses

Prevention is better than cure when looking after your family

Upzeez High Rize baby cot is a 3 in 1 bassinet, cot and toddler bed, created as a solution to back pain, related to traditional cots. With its innovative, stylish, and ergonomic design, this modern cot enables you to safely place your baby in, and lift your baby out, without the need to bend over the cot.


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Easy to place in and take your baby out of the cot

Aid recovery from traumatic childbirth

Eliminated slats for improved safety

Enabling better support for parents with disabilities

Hygiene - washable and changeable fabric

Highly flexible and adjustable for all users

Upzeez High Rize nursery
Upzeez - parallax image - nursery