When and where will the High Rize baby cot be available?

We are working hard to get the High Rize baby cot to you asap. Please join the waitlist and you will be the first to receive any product updates.

Our product is not yet available, so please don’t buy any copies or knock off product. We would be grateful if you would let us know if you see the High Rize baby cot on sale anywhere.

Information on our product launch will be coming to you shortly.

Do your cots meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards?

Absolutely, as parents ourselves, we’ve made safety our number one priority and our cot has passed the mandatory safety requirements across multiple countries. We fully adhere to Australian, New Zealand, United States of America, European Union and Canadian safety standards. Our cots are independently tested by a leading global testing laboratory in accordance with safety standard AS/NZS 2172:2017 (cots for household use). 

In fact, one of the main reasons our cots are designed with fabric mesh sides is to reduce  the chance of little arms or legs getting caught up in traditional cot bars. This also ensures your bundle of joy is protected with soft and gentle materials.

Are your cots SIDs safe?

The SIDS and Kids organisation does not offer product accreditation; instead, it provides information and a methodology on safe sleeping.

 Our High Rize baby cot meets the two requirements set out by SIDS and Kids that: 

  1. Your cot should meet Australian and New Zealand (AS2172), United States of America (ASTM F1169), European Union (EN716-1), Canadian (SOR/2016). 
  2. The mattress should be firm and the correct size for the cot. 

Are your products eco-friendly?

Our products have been designed to ensure longevity, using solid, sustainable materials and quality construction to reduce the need to buy multiple products as your child grows. Our cot and change table have been designed to grow with your child, converting into their first bed and bedside table, considerably extending the products’ usability, whilst saving you money and reducing landfill waste. Your child can then use the High Rize cot from 0-5 years old, depending on their growth. 

From conception to the end-of-life strategy, we have been focused on ensuring that the materials used are sustainable. We have used ethically sourced wood with a non-toxic finish to ensure that it is safe and fully recyclable.

Is a cot the same as a crib?

Yes, in Australia and the UK/Europe we call use the word ‘cot’ rather than ‘crib’.

Our 3 in 1 cot consists of:

  • Bassinet – 0 to 6 months
  • Cot – 6 months to 2½/3 yrs. old
  • Toddler bed – 3 to 5yrs old

Aren’t all cots the same?

No, all cots are not the same. There is a wide range of ways that cot manufacturers address ergonomics. Understanding the pros and cons of these is important when considering the usability of a cot for people with back issues or physical impairments. 

How do I know if I’m going to have back problems after birth?

Back pain is very common post birth and is experienced by 70% of women. 

As well as this, back pain and reduced back mobility is a common side effect of caesarean birth which accounts for 32% of births in Australia each year. 

If it is possible that you may have an unplanned caesarean birth, so you may want to consider the usability of the cot you choose under these potential circumstances. 

As well as this, our back need protecting for all of the lifting that you will do with your baby. We aim to help to prevent any long-term back problems that can occur from caring from your baby regardless of your birth experience. 

Why should I purchase a cot that I may never need?

The High Rize baby cot is purpose-designed to protect your back. This is a much more cost-effective option than paying for expensive back treatments once your back health has become a debilitating issue. 

As well as this the High Rize cot has been designed to last your child for up to 5 years, as the cot and changing table transform into your child’s first bed and bedside table. So, you will actually save money, as you won’t be forced to buy new furniture when your child grows out of their cot.

I had always planned to purchase a secondhand cot. Why should I choose to buy the High Rize baby cot?

Whilst buying second hand is great for sustainability, you may not be able to use your cot if it has not been designed to protect your back post-birth.  

The High Rize cot has been designed with sustainability in mind. Not only with the materials that we have used, but also due to its longevity. The baby cot and change table will grow with your child and transform into your child’s first bed and bedside table, once they have grown out of the cot. Ultimately, you will save money and reduce landfill by not having to purchase so more furniture at this stage of your child’s development. 

What is the best way to clean and maintain the cot?

Wooden parts
For spills or general cleaning, use a soft damp cloth followed by a dry clean cloth. 

Fabric Mesh

The fabric mesh around the sides of the cot has been designed with hygiene and care in mind. Simply remove the mesh fabric and machine wash.

What is the best age to lower the mattress base from the upper position?

There is no set age, as all children grow and develop at different rates. However, as soon as your baby can sit up on their own, the mattress base should be lowered to the  lowest position. 

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