We all need to protect our backs and reduce the physical strain caused by everyday activity, to be able to give the very best of ourselves to our families. Upzeez High Rize cot was designed as a solution to back pain associated with traditional cots and developed with a focus on making cots accessible to all caregivers, regardless of their physical ability.


We believe every parent’s journey should be enjoyable and full of happy memories with their baby. We provide innovative, modern baby furniture that makes everyday living as easy, convenient, and pain-free as possible, enhancing the human living experience.


We will deliver products to parents and carers of babies worldwide, that reduce the pain and discomfort associated with caring for a baby. We are dedicated to providing solutions that cater to your family needs, now and into the future.


To eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with the use of traditional baby furniture. This starts with reducing back pain and strain associated with lifting babies in and out of cots.



As you care for your baby, we deliver products that care for you. We understand your journey and have a deep desire to create positive change for families globally, focusing on delivering quality, simplicity  and practicality. The High Rize baby cot has been designed to help keep you healthy, enabling you to give your best to  your baby and keep your baby safe. We are continuously seeking new ways to grow and transform and serve our customers’ needs.


At Upzeez, we have focused and prioritised safety throughout the development of our products.All of our products strictly adhere to the Australian and New Zealand, United States America, European Union and Canadian safety standards, to provide the confidence and peace-of-mind needed when caring for babies. As part of our safety protocols, we have eliminated wooden slats and introduced see-through mesh. The mesh fabric is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and easily washable, creating a hygienic environment.


Upzeez products have been designed to ensure longevity, using solid materials and quality construction to reduce the need to buy multiple products as your child grows. Our cot and change table have been designed to grow with your child, converting into their first bed and bedside table, considerably extending the products’ usability, whilst saving you money and reducing landfill waste. Your child can then use the High Rize cot from 0-5 years old, depending on their growth. 

From conception to the end-of-life strategy, we have been focused on ensuring that the materials used are sustainable. We have used ethically sourced wood with a non-toxic finish to ensure that it is safe and fully recyclable .

Upzeez babies growing up


High Rize Baby Cot/Crib in Nursery


Upzeez High Rize in Nursery