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High Rize Baby Cot
Love your baby. Preserve your back.
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Making baby cots accessible to all caregivers, regardless of their physical abilities.

Upzeez High Rize baby cot is a 3 in 1 bassinet, cot and toddler bed, created as a solution to back pain, related to traditional cots. With its innovative, stylish, and ergonomic design, this modern cot enables you to safely place your baby in, and lift your baby out, without the need to bend over the cot.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver – Upzeez will preserve your back and give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your baby are safer.

Easy to place in and take your baby out of the cot

Aid recovery from traumatic childbirth

Eliminated slats for improved safety

Enabling better support for parents with disabilities

Hygiene – washable and changeable fabric

Highly flexible and adjustable for all users

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For Mothers

Who have delivered via caesarean section, the High Rize cot reduces any struggle, discomfort and risk of tearing stitches.

For Grandparents

Taking care of their grandchildren, this cot will minimise the strain on your back from lifting them in and out of the cot.

For Caregivers

Looking after children and babies, your back pain no longer needs to be a daily struggle exacerbated by the use of traditional cots.

For Parents Living With Disability

This cot keeps both you and your baby safe, allowing you to place and remove your baby through the side of the cot at a height that is best suited to your individual needs.

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Million people have a disability due to back pain


% of babies are born by cesarean section each year


% of people with back pain experience chronic pain


% of baby accidents are linked to cots or mattresses

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